Hard Tops has grown to be one of the top countertop refinishing and bathtub refinishing companies since its establishment in 1990. With more than 50 locations in 21 states, Hard Tops continues to prosper in the bathtub and countertop resurfacing industry. In the December 2009 issue, Hard Tops was selected one of the top 150 businesses to beat the recession by Home Business Magazine.

The goal of Hard Tops is to bring new life to old, damaged, or outdated surfaces for a fraction of the price of replacement. Not only can Hard Tops provide tub refinishing and countertop and tile refinishing, but completion is done in less than a day, and everything can be used again within 24 hours.

Since Hard Tops' nationwide opening over 1,000 apartment complexes have become clients along with tens-of-thousands of residential customers and a significant amount of hotel and motel jobs.

Our reputation is based on high-quality work, a great product and impeccable customer service see our testimonials. Let us help you with your bath refinishing and repair needs as well as any tile or countertop repair work.

Mark Ruzicka founded Hard Tops after the distribution center he worked at, for 11 years, closed and the only job openings available without relocating were paying minimum wage. He decided entrepreneurship may be his calling, and Mark started researching. He eventually decided on the countertop and bathtub refinishing industry with little knowledge of the field and turned it into one of the industry's most respected and well-known businesses.

Hard Tops goes hand-in-hand with quality refinishing and professionalism. We've been the first to accomplish many things in the bathtub and countertop refinishing industry. We're the first democratic company that allows all of our distributors a vote in different issues. We have annual seminars, and provide our franchises with a newsletter that is compiled of submissions from Hard Tops distributors.

Our product line is the first to be released by a refinishing business, and one of our most important firsts, is our next-day-use bonding agent. People are able to use the products we refinish within 24-hours because of our special bonding agent. Mark personally works with a chemist to help make and improve different products for Hard Tops and its distributors, which is something that makes Hard Tops unique, and tests all of his new products in his home for one year before releasing it to the public.

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