Refinishing Your Kitchen and Bath

How Methods Such As Ceramic Tile Refinishing Can Be Used To Cheaply Revamp Your Kitchen Or Bathroom


The Benefits Of Opting For Refinishing Over Replacement

Wear and tear can make your kitchen or bathroom look grim and dated. Over time, discoloration can occur on tiles and surfaces, leaving many home owners dissatisfied with the presentation of their home and seeking a solution. With ever-tightening purse strings, an inexpensive remedy to these issues is increasingly sought after, and more people than ever are resorting to refinishing existing fittings instead of replacing them. Despite the obvious financial benefits refinishing can bring, a further incentive is that this process is much kinder to the environment than replacing, and prevents unnecessary waste going into land fill.

Using refinishing to refresh and modernize your bathroom or kitchen won't just save you money; if you're hiring a professional refinishing company such as HardTops, this will ensure the results are as good as new. It's impressive how many items in your home can be revamped in this way, and the following list is intended to demonstrate how you can enjoy all the benefits of a fabulous new bathroom, for a fraction of the cost.

Seven Ways Refinishing Can Reinvigorate Your Home

1. Bathroom and Kitchen Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Over time the tiles in your home become increasingly porous, leading to a build up of dirt and bacteria that causes permanent discoloration. As this discoloration cannot be removed by the use of domestic cleaning agents, many home owners feel the only choice they have is to replace these tiles. Not only can this be expensive, but it's also time consuming. HardTops offers metal and ceramic tile refinishing by resurfacing, which enables you to choose a fresh new color for your kitchen or bathroom.

2. Tile Reglazing

It's not always necessary to resurface your kitchen or bathroom tiles to give them the look you crave. If the surface of the tile is still in good condition, then tile reglazing can be used to give them a fresh splash of color.

3. Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing

Dated and worn kitchen countertops can downgrade the look of your whole kitchen. By replacing broken edges and using countertop refinishing, HardTops can give you a new-look kitchen that's ready to use in 24 hours.

4. Sink and Bath Tub Refinishing

Remember the 80's with it's abundance of apricot and avocado suites? This look hasn't aged well, and if you happen to inherit an 80's legacy bathroom, chances are you'll be looking to make some changes. Underneath that garish color are often well-made products that can be revitalized by a fresh refinish. HardTops is used to exorcising tired 80's color schemes, and homeowners are astonished by the results a quality refinish can bring to their bathroom.

5. Claw Foot Bath Tubs

If you're lucky enough to have an iconic claw foot bath tub, it can be upsetting when wear and tear gets the better of it. However, you'll be delighted to know that a traditional claw foot bath tub is made of cast iron and as such is virtually indestructible. The only aspect subject to wear and tear is the porcelain surface, and this can be easily refurbished, saving you the considerable expense of a replacement. Refinishing allows you to keep the nostalgic look that you love and make it look like it did the day it was purchased.

6. Scratch and Chip Repair

A scratch or chip can be unsightly, and may lead you to consider replacing the entire unit. HardTops offers an invisible spot repair service that is specifically designed to tackle this problem.

7. Appliance Refinishing

If you have an old appliance that still works faithfully, you might not want to get rid of it, but its dated look could be impacting the ambience of your home. If you've recently changed your kitchen design, you may want your appliances to fit in with the new color scheme. Rather than buying a new one, give your old appliance a sparkling new factory finish for a fraction of the cost.

Save Money Without Sacrificing On Style

Refinishing ceramic tiles, countertops, bathtubs and more can revitalize your kitchen and bathroom, allowing you the luxury of modern designs without costing the earth. HardTops is a market leader in the refurbishing business, and with years of experience and a reputation for quality work, they are the natural choice for all your refurbishing needs.