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I am an 18-year-old college student who recently moved into an older home. My mother gave me my great grandparents' old appliances. They were bright yellow! You can only imagine how terrible they looked. I was devastated. Getting new appliances would cost thousands of dollars, and the bathtub was so nasty there was no way I was going to get in it. I met with Mark at Hard Tops and he informed me that he could perform appliance, sink, countertop refinishing, and bathtub resurfacing for a very low cost. I was impressed with the outcome. My bathtub and appliances look brand new! Its unbelievable. Bathtub refinishing, countertop resurfacing, as well as, painting my sink, washer, dryer, and refrigerator was all performed in only six hours, and I was able to use it the next day. I got everything I wanted for under a thousand dollars! Let me warn you, be prepared for tons of compliments. --Brigitte Rice

Mark Ruzicka at Hard Tops does excellent work. There are two reasons why I'm glad I chose Hard Tops for my countertop resurfacing needs. First, the cost comparison of resurfacing is one quarter the cost of replacement. Second, the quality is as good as brand new. Anyone considering having countertop refinishing performed should check out Hard Tops. --Dr. Steve Morse

Hard Tops is the perfect alternative to replacing unattractive countertops. We appreciate the quality work you've performed at Willow Hill Apartments. You've always completed your jobs in a timely, efficient manner. I highly recommend your countertop refinishing services to anyone who needs an economical solution to countertop replacement. --Sandy Diaz Manager at Willow Hill Apartments

I would like to take this time to thank Mark Ruzicka, president and owner of Hard Tops. Mark has worked miracles for us at Sentry Park in the last year. From bathtub refinishing to countertop resurfacing, we know Mark will always work until the job is done, and that the finished product will be a class A job for a class C price. Using Hard Tops for countertop refinishing and bathtub reglazing has proven to be cost effective without reducing the quality of work we expect. It's refreshing to do business with such a hard working, honest and dependable company. We have never been disappointed with the work Hard Tops has done for us at Sentry Park. --Allison Gaut Manager at Sentry Park Apartments

Woodcrest Apartments has been a client of Hard Tops for quite a while. We've always been very satisfied with their professional service, expertise, and competitive rates. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing countertop resurfacing or bathtub refinishing. --Susan LaRue Manager at Woodcrest Apartments

Hard Tops has been doing work with us for quite some time. We're very pleased with the professional way Mark does business. He does quality work! He has performed countertop resurfacing and bathtub refinishing for us. I would recommend Hard Tops. They are TOPS! --Pat Mathis Manager of Great Western Properties

At Park Tower we have a high standard to maintain, and Mark Ruzicka has the same high standards at Hard Tops. His workmanship, professionalism, and personality makes him a joy to work with. We have seen Mark perform "miracles" when refinishing countertops that we thought would have to be replaced. We would highly recommend Mark and Hard Tops to anyone who wants quality work at a reasonable price. --Sherry Norman Manager at Park Tower

Mark Ruzicka from Hard Tops does excellent work. He's done countertop refinishing on bright yellow and blue countertops to a very appealing white or almond. Our apartments looks more modern and rent better with a small investment. Mark has taken beaten, warped countertops and made them look new. He's also performed bathtub refinishing and save us money. Mark is very dependable and willing to work around your schedule. If you need an apartment in a short time he will do what it takes to have it ready for you. He's very reasonable and willing to work with your budget. --Sylvia Higgins Manager at Peppertree Inn Apartments

We have used Hard Tops on several occasions and are super pleased. Mark Ruzicka, Hard Tops owner, is very professional and a very honest individual. I highly recommend Hard Tops for a less expensive and efficient way to have your bathtubs or countertops refinished. --Margaret Eppers Manager at Park Terrace Apartments

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you have done at Lubbock Square. The countertop refinishing that you performed added a fresh and updated look. I know I can always count on you to do the job in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend you to those needing your specialized services. Thanks again! --Jeri Cotton Manager at Lubbock Square Apartments

We appreciate all the work you have done for us at Lubbock Lakeway Apartments. Your work has improved the appearance of our apartment homes and greatly contributed to the overall rehabilitation of our property. Countertop resurfacing is a perfect alternative to replacing outdated countertops and appliances. By contracting the work to you, we have saved time and money. Considering the fact that you have successfully refinished approximately 80 percent of our countertops and appliances, we would recommend your services to anyone. You've always done a great job and completed in a timely, efficient manner. We've been doing business with Hard Tops for almost two years now and appreciate, not only your workmanship, but your personality, integrity, and professionalism. --John W. Leonard, III Manager at Lubbock Lakeway Apartments

I just wanted to thank you for your bathtub refinishing services that you performed in 293 rooms. Your professionalism and cooperation are extremely refreshing to experience in today's time. The fact that you finished two weeks ahead of time was a tremendous help to us. Thanks again for a job well done. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. --David Taraba General Manager of Holiday Inn Civic Center

For anyone needing bathtub reglazing, we can recommend the refinishing specialists at Hard Tops in Lubbock. Mark Ruzicka responded promptly to our inquiry. Mark desires to have satisfied customers, and we are. --Ruth and Loyd Latimer

I am very pleased with the outcome of my kitchen countertop refinishing. People who have seen it are surprised when I tell them it's not a new countertop and that it's been refinished. I am extremely pleased with the work you have done and the professional manner in which your services were provided. I highly recommend your services to anyone. --Christina M. Sassman

I would like to express our appreciation in regard to the excellent countertop refinishing service your company provides. When I'm in need of sink, range, or countertop refinishing, it's so refreshing to know our call will be dealt with in such a dependable manner. Obviously promptness, dependability, professional workmanship and friendliness are important to both our companies. To summarize, your company has represented itself as a professional kitchen countertop refinishing, and all-around refinishing, service bringing quality to both our property and residents. Thank you again, Mark, I'd be glad to recommend your services to anyone. --Sharon Bayne Manager at Pat Garrett Properties

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