Bathroom Tile

Completely Rejuvenate Your Bathroom

Tile reglazing gives owners of outdated bathrooms and kitchens the opportunity to revamp those rooms with a new splash of color, whether a customer chooses one of our stock white or almond colors, or decides to get creative and choose from one of more than 1,000 designer coating colors.

Tile refinishing is another service Hard Tops provides. We can perform tile resurfacing on ceramic and metal tiles. The same rules apply to tile resurfacing as bathtub refinishing and countertop refinishing: the tiles cannot be exposed to water for 24 hours after the reglazing and no chemical cleaners may be used on the tiles for the first seven days.

Tile refinishing is a money-saving alternative to replacing all of the tile in someone’s home or other establishment and still being able to change those avocado-colored tiles to bright white or whatever color you may choose. By having tile refinishing performed to your showers, countertops, floors or wherever else you may have tile, that means you’ll never have to scrub your grout clean again. After Hard Tops refinishes your tile, your grout will stay clean because it’s protected by our exclusive bonding agent. After your tile has been refinished the grout lines will be the same color as the tile, grout will be easy to clean because it will be sealed with our product.