What makes the coating actually stick to a countertop?

Hard Top’s Coating, unlike many other commercials coatings, contains a chemical called methyl ethyl ketone or MEK. MEK is a very powerful chemical that can dissolve plastics – this is to our advantage. When we prepare the surface for countertop refinishing, we wet sand, increasing the surface area of your countertop by creating small grooves or scratches. The Coating seeps into the grooves after application, creating a mechanical bond. The MEK actually helps to melt into existing substrate.

What type of product is used in the refinishing process?

Many products are used during the actual bathtub refinishing process. The most obvious is the Coating, which will restore your tubs and counters to their original, brand-new appearance. After many tests and years of research, reputable refinishers agree that a two-part, urethane coating is the most durable and resistant coating.

Isn’t refinishing a temporary solution? Will your paint really last?

Hard Top’s product is not really a paint, but a polymerized-acrylic urethane, a very durable coating. Once the Coating is applied during bathtub resurfacing, and any other refinishing project, the product life ranges from 15 to 20 years, depending on how well you care for it. Our Coating is used on the outside of commercial airliners. If it can remain durable on the outside of a 747, it will remain durable after bathtub resurfacing and countertop refinishing.

Can I do this kind of work myself?

It’s not impossible for a homeowner to perform bathtub refinishing, countertop resurfacing, or tile reglazing. However, professional refinishers are trained, and underwent months of practice, to be consistently, successful. To perform bathtub reglazing, or refinishing any surface, yourself, you need to train, find the proper chemicals and coatings, learn spray techniques, rent or buy the proper equipment, and qualify to access hazardous situations. Remember, if you’re unhappy with your own work, a professional refinisher will have to remove your work and start from scratch. In the long run this will cost you much more.

What are the advantages to refinishing, rather than replacing, an old or damaged bathtub?

Cost is the primary reason for considering bathtub refinishing. Replacing a tub will likely require the removal of the surrounding walls, dramatically increasing the cost to install. Plus, the construction cost to repair and perfect the area after the tub installed can be enormous. On the other hand, bathtub resurfacing is a non-invasive process that restores your bathtub’s appearance and functionality without requiring any demolition and/or construction.

What color choices are available for refinishing?

We carry both white and almond in two different finishes, in stock, for bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing. However, we can order any of over 1,000 different colors for a small fee, and can do custom tub painting jobs. We also have simulated granite finishes available.

Is it true it can cost up to $35,000 to remodel a kitchen?

With Hard Tops, that’s definitely not true with kitchen refinishing, but that depends on your definition of remodel. Our prices for kitchen countertop refinishing are usually half, or less than that, of replacement cost. It only costs about $350 to $900 to complete kitchen countertop refinishing. We also perform bathtub refinishing for approximately $350, and most bath vanities for under $200.